What is The Narratives Project?

In the immediate aftermath of a politically divisive or morally outrageous event, narratives quickly emerge on either side of the issue—often mutually disparaged as fake news.

The Narratives Project studies the evolution and divergence of these political narratives to help our readers better understand the stories emerging around them. Here’s what we do:

  • The project produces infographics on the narratives surrounding divisive events, visually showing how (through omission, emphasis, and variation) stories mutate and diverge.

  • The project also produces commentary on the outrage du jour, showing where in the media these narratives are taking hold and which partisans are amplifying their ideologically-friendly narratives.

  • We’ll occasionally publish short articles and essays that address issues surrounding narrative, polarization, civility, and media.

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The Narratives Project was also recently recommended in Andrew Sullivan’s newsletter The Weekly Dish.

You can reach us at shaun[at]narrativesproject[dot]com