Photo: CPL. Joshua Young.

Archbishop of the Military Services Says Catholic Troops Can Refuse Vaccine

The Archbishop of the Military Services released a statement saying Catholic service members can refuse the vaccine on religious grounds. 

The statement explained that while the Church’s official stance is that Catholics can ethically receive COVID-19 vaccines (as the Archbishop said in a March 2021 statement), individual Catholics can still hold a legitimate religious objection to the vaccine.


What else is the left focusing on?

  • Vaccine mandates for military service are common.
  • Pope Francis has been clear that Catholics should have no religious objection to the vaccine.
  • The Archbishop for the Military Services can be stripped of his military position by the government.


The narrative: The government should strip the Archbishop of his military position and continue to enforce the vaccine mandate.

The Archbishop is legitimizing an illegitimate view on COVID-19 vaccines. Anyone asking for a religious exemption is using religion as an excuse, not as their actual motivation to not get vaccinated.


What else is the right focusing on?

  • It is possible even for church officials to disagree with the Pope.
  • Conscientious objection is sufficient reason to not get vaccinated.
  • Individuals should ultimately decide what goes into their own bodies.


The narrative: The Archbishop is recognizing that religious people can disagree with the Pope in good conscience.

An individual’s religious views should be respected no matter what, and vaccine mandates that ignore this are explicitly anti-Catholic and anti-religious freedom.

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Anna Tyger and Sofia Sedergren-Booker October 13, 2021