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Raiders’ Head Coach Jon Gruden Resigns Over Emails

Las Vegas Raiders’ Head Coach Jon Gruden resigned on Monday after a New York Times investigation brought some internal emails to the public’s attention.

The emails included comments about female referees, gay players, and protests during the national anthem.


What else is the left focusing on?

  • A NYT report revealed a racist comment Gruden made about the Executive Director of the NFL Players Association.
  • The emails show that homophobia, racism, and misogyny are widespread in the NFL.
  • Colin Kaepernick was banned from the league for peacefully protesting racism.

  The narrative: Gruden’s emails confirm what we already knew from the league’s unjust ban of Kaepernick — racism and misogyny are widespread in the NFL. Firing Gruden is not enough to rid the league of bigotry.


What else is the right focusing on?

  • Some of the emails are from seven years ago.
  • Active NFL players have committed worse offenses and are still allowed to play — including violent crimes like domestic abuse and sexual assault.

  The narrative: This is performative accountability. Anyone genuinely interested in making the NFL a better organization should focus less on problematic words from years ago and more on serious, violent offenses committed by active players.

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Anna Tyger and Sofia Sedergren-Booker October 12, 2021