September Review

It’s been a good first month for The Narratives Project!

Here’s what we broke down in September:

I think you’ll notice a significant improvement in these analyses from the early posts (which only included an infographic) to the more recent posts (which have more commentary, context, and information).

I’ve discovered that not every event can be broken down in the same way, so I’m working on different formats for different events. Should be seeing more of that in October.

Currently this is still a one-man band, but I’m hoping to bring others on board in the next few months.

October should be pretty interesting! We’ve got two more Presidential debates and one VP debate. There will probably be some significant updates on the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation, which will prompt plenty of diverging narratives. I also see no reason to expect that protests and riots will die down.

These are the known unknowns, but there’s also all the unknown unknowns of October, which, of course, I can’t see coming. But I’ll be here to analyze them when they arrive.

My day job at the moment is writing my materials and research proposal for PhD applications, and these analyses take about an entire workday. If you haven’t, and would like to support this work, there’s a $7 a month paid subscription option, or you can make a one-time donation here.

I’m deeply grateful for your interest and support. I’m very glad that so many find this project useful in understanding our political world.

And as always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for how I can improve this, just reply to this email and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

All the best,