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Inflation: Who’s to blame?

The bottom line: With so many theories about what is causing inflation, we often focus on the ones that make the most sense to us given our other concerns and priorities. It’s important to be aware of our biases, because they can cloud our ability to consider other causes and ultimately identify effective solutions.

What counts as cancel culture?

The term “cancel culture” was a mere blip on the radar before 2018. But since then, the concept has forcefully entered the mainstream and its

How to exist during wartime

Different people have different tolerances for observing pain and suffering — and there’s no shortage of it online at any moment. If being aware of

The Legitimacy of the Supreme Court

The bottom line: The Supreme Court makes significant, impactful decisions about the freedoms and well-being of all Americans. Because of this, we are likely to excuse

Condemning White Supremacy (or Not)

Last night, President Trump and Former Vice President Biden were on stage at the first presidential debate. While there were plenty of notable exchanges during