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WEB EVENT — Meet the Narratives Project: Fixing Discourse w/ Political Mindfulness

07 Apr, 2022

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Why dividing opinions into dichotomies is useful, but insufficient

The Narratives Project’s foremost goal is to promote political mindfulness and peace. But with that goal in mind, our method of dividing complex conversations

06 Apr, 2022

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How to exist during wartime

Different people have different tolerances for observing pain and suffering — and there’s no shortage of it online at any moment. If being aware of

01 Mar, 2022

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End of Year Report: 2021

It’s been an exciting first year for the Narratives Project! We've worked to deliver analyses on a wide variety of divisive events to help our readers

17 Dec, 2021

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What is the Narratives Project?

26 Aug, 2021

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Partisan Filter Bubbles Let the Worst Through

Selective permeability is a property of cellular membranes that only allows certain molecules to enter or exit the cell. This is important for the cell

19 Aug, 2021

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How Narratives Emerge on Twitter

12 Aug, 2021

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What is Political Mindfulness?

Humans have an instinct to use subconscious shortcuts to make decisions. However, we can use political mindfulness to bypass those shortcuts and exert

06 Aug, 2021

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Extremism is Relative

We often use “extremism” as a reason to dismiss a worldview or position. But extremism is relative, and every view is extreme to someone. Instead,

30 Jul, 2021

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What’s a Narrative Analysis?

The articles you normally come across on the internet usually address a particular news event. We take a different approach. Instead of talking about the

15 Jul, 2021