Election Narratives: Detroit

It’s day three of Election Day, and the narratives we’ve all expected are coming out in full force.

Here’s an preliminary breakdown of these narratives

The vote count for the 2020 Presidential election has continued into its third day. The last votes to be counted are largely mail-in or absentee ballots. The ballots are taking longer than usual to count.

The narrative on the left is that the right is trying to steal the election by undermining, delegitimizing, and strong-arming the process.

The narrative on the right is that there’s rampant voter fraud across the nation. The left is trying to steal the election.


If your political narrative is that the Democrats are committing rampant voter fraud or, on the other hand, is that the Republicans are destroying our democracy, any new information will be integrated into that prior framework.



For example

Yesterday, a group of protestors gathered outside of a Detroit absentee-ballot counting station. Election workers began covering up the large glass windows that the protestors could see through. Two videos emerged on either side of the affair (literally).


On the inside:



On the outside:



To the right, the video from inside the station looks like a cover-up. “What do they have to hide,” is the thinking. Elections must be transparent, and obscuring the people’s view of the process is indicative of voter fraud.

And covering the windows into a ballot station is a perfect symbol of what the Democrats are doing at large. They’re trying to separate the people and their political will from the process, secretly manipulating the election in the favor of the elites. 


To the left, these videos look like an extremist mob is trying to strong-arm and undermine legitimate democratic processes. The invaders are at the gate, and they’re wearing MAGA hats.

And likewise, this is a symbol of what’s happening with Republicans at large. These are the people who are trying to dismantle the outer walls of our democracy block-by-block, inching their way closer to a fascistic takeover.



A Whale of a Narrative

This event in Detroit is a drop in ocean. But these powerful political narratives will undoubtedly continue to gain momentum through the coming weeks.

This is a whale, but we’ll do our best to get through it one bite at a time.


That’s all for now.



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