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Filibuster 101

Strong opinions on the filibuster are nothing new, but narratives around the rule are constantly changing and evolving.

Perspectives on the January 6th Committee

Since its formation in July 2021, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol has been polarizing. As news of the investigation breaks, each side’s disparate reactions make more sense within the context of how the left and right views the investigation itself.

Steve Bannon in FBI custody

What else is each side focusing on? Bannon broke the law by defying the congressional subpoena. Bannon used his arrest to advocate for his insurrectionist

Election Narratives: Detroit

It’s day three of Election Day, and the narratives we’ve all expected are coming out in full force. Here’s an preliminary breakdown of these narratives

Condemning White Supremacy (or Not)

Last night, President Trump and Former Vice President Biden were on stage at the first presidential debate. While there were plenty of notable exchanges during